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Welcome to Living Free Dietitian! We are here to help you understand more about nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, related conditions, and how to improve your health through diet and lifestyle changes! Be sure to check out our blog for the latest information and tips from the dietitian and sign-up for our e-mail list to get alerts about new posts and offerings! Thanks for visiting!

About the dietitian herself!

Melissa Parisi, RDN

Melissa Parisi is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is on a mission to help people live free from the constraints of disease. She wasn’t always in this role, though. Let’s rewind. Melissa started in a different career, working her way up the corporate ladder in New York City. At the five year mark, she realized this was not what she was meant to be doing. With a passion for nutrition and the search for answers for her own health, Melissa knew it was time to do something more. Fast forward to present day. Melissa has worked with adults in outpatient, rehabilitation, and long-term care settings helping them manage chronic conditions, weight, diabetes, and more. Why focus on NAFLD, you ask? As time went on, Melissa found that more patients were coming in with a diagnosis of fatty liver disease. Often coinciding with other health conditions and having a higher weight, patients were unsure what to do moving forward. Melissa knew there was more to be done. Her hope is that this website and blog provides information and helpful resources to allow you or your loved ones find joy in healthy eating and live free.